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Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Course

Recognized by the Yoga Teachers Association
500 academic hours for two years

Yoga is an integral part of smiling? Do you want to deepen, study and explore?
Are you an instructor or yoga teacher interested in completing hours?
Join a life-changing course for teaching Vinyasa Yoga in combination

Music and Mindfulness with Hadar Hod - Senior Yoga Teacher. 
An in-depth and unique course that provides tools for teaching yoga.

The next course will start on 8.11.22

" המסע הרוחני הוא מסע אינסופי, ממי שנדמה שאנחנו למי שאנחנו באמת "

ראמאנה מהראשי

למי הקורס מתאים:

  • לכל מי  שמתרגל.ת יוגה לפחות 3 שנים ורוצה להעמיק ולהתמקד ו/או רוצה להפוך להיות מורה ליוגה.

  • לכל מי שמעוניין.נת להעמיק את הידע ואת התרגול, לקבל הכוונה אישית, כלים וניסיון להעמקת המיומנות ולשלב את היוגה כדרך חיים. לכל מי שזקוק.ה למסגרת תומכת מקצועית ועמוקה.

  • לכל מי שרוצה להשלים שעות לקבלת תעודת הוראה המוכרת בארגון מורי היוגה הישראלי והעולמי.

  • אם את.ה מורה ליוגה שמלמד.ת ורוצה ללמוד שיטה נוספת, להעמיק בתרגול, במדיטציה ובפילוסופיה וכן ללמוד לשלב מוסיקה בשיעורים.

  • אם את.ה יוצאת.ה לשנתן שבתון או מעוניין.נת בגמול. הקורס מוכר במשרד החינוך.

  • למתרגלים משיטות שונות המעוניינים להעמיק.

  • לכל מי שרוצה לקבל לווי. הקורס אינטימי, קבוצה  קטנה בלווי אישי. 

The essence of the course

  • Personal development and empowerment, the presence of yoga through daily practice as a way of life and providing tools to teach yoga to all levels

  • The course strengthens and improves body flexibility, health and self-image

  • The course will allow you to get started and turn your love of yoga into a fulfilling and rewarding occupation. 

  • The course will improve interpersonal communication.

  • Will allow you to realize your potential.

  • Will strengthen the vitality of life.

שיעור מסכם קורס מורים

Course content

  • We will focus and delve deeper into the Vinyasa method, which is built on the principle of different sequences that combine flow, deepening and exploration, with an emphasis on Ujai breathing and bandas.

  • The course is intimate, group  Small in personal accompaniment.

  • We will study and explore a variety of different poses and practice sequences.

  • We will learn and practice different techniques of meditation.

  • We will learn and practice various breathing exercises - pranayama.

  • We will learn and practice exercises for women during menstruation and pregnancy.

  • We will learn the principles that guide proper work with the body.

  • Anatomy and physical and energetic physiology.

  • Philosophy and study of the study of consciousness.

  • Methodology and ethics in teaching, audience standing, access and assistance to students.

  • Combining music in class.

  • Yoga as a therapeutic, restorative tool.

  • Lectures with the best lecturers in mindfulness, philosophy, anatomy, marketing and advertising.

Guest lecturers

לילך ארז

Lilac cedar

ד"ר עודד ארבל

Dr. Oded Arbel

Physiotherapist and lecturer in anatomy and science. Enthusiastic about the human body and hopes to enthusiastically catch up with all future teachers and instructors.

An expert psychiatrist, founder and director of the Mindfulness Clinic of the Be'er Sheva Mental Health Center, he heads the field of therapists of Psychodharma, the School of Buddhist Psychology. Learns, teaches and practices the Zen way. Engaged in the treatment and teaching of Dharma and Mindfulness.

What do they say about me?

Yael Ashkenazi

"I met Hadar on a yoga vacation in Morocco. The connection was immediate.  I enjoyed the lessons  And it was clear to me that I would like to learn more and more from her.

The teachers' course is intimate, has a special atmosphere and provides me with a place to practice, learn, deepen and share. Slowly, slowly an amazing, pleasant and inclusive group was formed for her that is eager to learn.

Hadar is a special and inspiring teacher. She is a true yogi, lives the world of yoga, yoga is an integral part of her and she believes in this way wholeheartedly. Her investment in the course is evident in everything - in the content, in the lessons that are unique to her down to the smallest details, in the feeling that it is possible to share and consult and that we are all important to her.

Highly recommend to anyone who is touched and intrigued by the world of yoga. "

בחזרה לראש העמוד

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